The temple is a small, square edifice, measuring just 24 square feet(7 square meters) at the base with a height of 75 feet(24 meter approximately) which consists of a square type sanctum with a conical dome of the typical Bengali hut. It is also beleived that Sati's Right foot fell here during Lord Shiva's Dance. The structure of the shrine resembles that of a tortoise, with a roof shaped like the humped back of a tortoise. For this reason, the shrine is also known as "koorma Peetha"(Koorma meaning Tortoise). As in other typical Hindu shrines, stalls along the approach road sell flowers and baskets of offerings that visitors can buy and take up to be offered to Tripura Sundari and returned as Prasadam.A specially here is the sweet, brown, condensed milk, Pedas that devotees carry back from the temple, to be distributed among family and friends back home. the red hibiscus flower is also prized as an offering.

Mata Tripurasundari Temple

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