Development Initiatives under Tourism

Matabari has been considered as one of the most important religious tourist destination in Tripura, the temple attract lots of tourist piolgrims from different parts of India and neighbouring country i.e Bangladesh. In order to promote religious tourism in the state, some initiatives and action plan has been taken up by the State Tourism Department to develop the temple and its facilities. Some of the proposes schemes under Ministry of tourism Govt. of India which are included for development of Matabari as follows:

1. Swadesh Darshan- II

Sl no Components Amount in Rs.
1.1 Multimedia based Musical Fountain and Show at Tripureshwari Temple 3,00,00,000.00
1.2 Car parking around lake 4,95,00,800.00
1.3 Promenade Development 1,98,71,340.00
1.4 Solid Waste Management 20,00,000.00
1.5 Signages 49,74,000.00
1.6 Under ground cabling 5,00,00,000.00
1.7 Public Toilet 75,55,556.25
1.8 Welcome gate 40,00,000.00
  TOTAL 16,79,01,696.25


2. Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive (PRASAD)

Under PRASAD, Matabari project has been shortlisted for financing from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. The project includes rejuvenation / renovation of existing infrastructure to inprove its religious sancity

Mata Tripurasundari Temple

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